A lipstick campaign to kill the duck face


Yves Rocher is a worldwide cosmetics brand – relentlessly striving to be at the forefront of trends. To launch their latest colour range we decided to launch a new internet phenomena. Getting rid of the old fashioned Duck Face and teaching the social media generation the latest (#genius) selfie trick. The Fish Gape.


The Fish Gape Aid is a web app that helps selfie lovers to master the Fish Gape to perfection, using webcam or smartphone camera. This new pose, together with 6 new lipstick colours promises to reach final glam level. As the (deliberately exaggerated) launch film says ‘…perhaps the tool of the century.’


Since the very recent launch of the campaign end of April, the application reaches thousands of sessions every day. The sales skyrocketed and 70% of the stores reordered stock earlier then expected. Fashion bloggers and news sites picked it up straight away. And last but not least… the duck-face-days are over! #yourewelcome