De Opvoedingslijn hijacks Twitter account of Wouter Beke

The Brief

There were two challenges: create more awareness about De Opvoedingslijn and achieve more phone calls and e-mails from concerned parents about their kids. We wanted parents in Flanders to (re)discover De Opvoedingslijn and the advice it offers them when it comes to raising a child.


Nowadays, a lot of parents worry about the online behavior of their children. The idea was to take over the Twitter account of Wouter Beke, a famous Belgian politician who has 3 kids and is very active on Twitter. We made it look like one of his children was tweeting on his account.


Only seconds after the funny tweets went online, people started to retweet while asking questions or making fun of it. Shortly after, major news and radio stations noticed these tweets and they immediately became a news topic. National print press covered the incident the day after.
An average tweet from Wouter Beke reaches an interaction score of 60 (includes favorites, retweets, clicks on tweets, …). The interaction score of our tweets reached an average score of 3.125. De Opvoedingslijn received 6 times more calls. Also their website gained 200% more visitors.