Castello - An exhibition where you can eat the paintings.



Castello is a Danish cheese brand. Innovation, tradition and the art of making cheese have been the trademark of the company for over 120 years. Castello now wants to tackle the US market, and wanted to find a way to have Americans taste their quality cheeses, starting with New York, where a Castello shop was recently opened. 

The idea

For several days Castello held a unique event in the New York Grand Central station; Eat the Art: a pop-up museum with classical still life paintings, recreated with real ingredients. People were invited to eat the paintings. Every painting contained a different type of Castello cheese. Who tasted the cheeses also got a word of explanation and received a souvenir postcard with more info on where to buy Castello products. 


Of the 500.000 people who passed through Grand Central nearly 40.000 tried one of the cheeses. On top of that the event got 27.060.382 earned media impressions. 

Castello’s Pop-Up Cheese Tasting Appeals to Multiple Senses
— Trendhunter