To launch Scrabble Trickster
We turned Twitter into a Scrabble game

The brief

Launch and introduce the brand new Scrabble board game ‘Scrabble Trickster’ – a rejuvenated version of the original Scrabble – in Belgium.


We’ve created TwitterScrabble. A social idea and a whole new way to get people engaged in the Scrabble game. Purely via Twitter, because TwitterScrabble highlights what Twitter and Scrabble have in common: limited characters. The gameplay is simple: write the highest scoring tweet with a set of 100 random characters. Once you’ve nailed it, you hit the ‘Tweet’ button which posts your Scrabbletweet to the entire Twitterverse. Every day the highest scoring Scrabbletweet wins the new board game ‘Scrabble Trickster’.


People wrote thousands and thousands of Scrabbletweets and TwitterScrabble instantly became talk of the Twittertown, resulting in a gross reach of over 5 million people on Twitter only. TwitterScrabble was by far the best – and cheapest – Mattel product launch so far, without using any paid media. Today, people are still Scrabbletweeting. It is clear the idea survives long after the promotion for the game is over.

“Great little idea that will probably live on much longer than the actual promotion!”

— Digital Buzz Blog

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