Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has been around for as long as people can remember. The many volunteers are always there. That’s exactly why people started taking the Red Cross for granted. The consequence: a decreasing number of donations over the last couple of years. It was time to give this iconic brand a makeover and to write a new story.


Make people aware again about the importance of the Red Cross in our society.


We gave The Red Cross a new image, that is all about the people. The Red Cross exists of people like you. It’s people like you who give blood, who donate money, who sign up to become a volunteer, who take a first aid course. The Red Cross just makes it possible for people to help each other. That’s why we created the campaign: The Red Cross, that’s you. The baseline was changed to: “helps people help.”

The new image campaign was launched with two TV commercials. In the first one we trace back the blood a lady received during a critical delivery. In the second one we trace back an oxygen mask that’s used to save a young boy’s life after a car crash. We see that the whole rescue operation started with you.