The situation

In Belgium, there are already speeding signs that display either a happy or a sad ‘smiley face’, depending on whether a driver is adhering to the speed limits or not.


The city of Antwerp and the Local Police Department wanted to remind people about the importance of safe and slow driving in the city centre. Since we all want people to drive careful in our own street, we created a campaign in which local residents could participate.


Let’s take these ‘happy and sad faces’-speeding signs one step further by crowdsourcing real pictures from real local citizens. So we replaced the existing ‘smileys’ by crowdsourced selfies. Citizens were invited to upload two photos of themselves to the campaign’s website: one with a happy face and one with a disapproving glare. The selfies were then shown to motorists on interactive billboards which react in real time to drivers’ speed. If passing drivers are within the speed limit, they’ll see the smiling selfie. If they exceed the limit, they’ll see the sad selfie.


After just a few days, hundreds of selfies were uploaded and displayed to thousands of motorists, to stop them from speeding. We had tons of local and national media attention, and international media like BBC News and picked up the story.

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