So you think you will dance?
A remarkable event in Amsterdam’s red light district

The brief

People trafficking is one of the biggest current international problems. Many of them are young women fleeing their homelands. In the hope of a better job and a better future they are promised a dance career in Western Europe. When they reach their destination the work is something very different. All the money they owe must be paid back through sex. Aim of Stop the Traffik is to highlight and raise awareness about this specific occurrence.


Instead of just telling the problem we wanted the relevant audience to actually really listen. So we went where the problem is most tangible: the red light district. While a lot of people were ‘window shopping’ suddenly music blares through loudspeakers and women behind the window started acting strangely. Ending up in a tightly choreography. Even more people gathered at the windows, bursting in a loud applause when it ends and becoming very clear that the applause is very out of place.


The campaign was launched mid April so it’s too soon for a final evaluation. But in just 3 days time the film – made from the stunt – was watched over 600.000 times and press, blogs and other media instantly gave a lot of attention towards this topic. Which was exactly the point.


  • CCB 2012, Silver in Media
  • CCB 2012, Bronze in Cyber
  • Cristal Awards 2012, Silver in Digital & Mobile
  • Caples Awards 2012, Bronze in Social Media
  • Eurobest 2012, Bronze in Media
  • IAB Mixx Awards 2012, Bronze

“The video makes Ashton Kutcher’s kitchy anti-human trafficking ad campaign, which featured Justin Timberlake shaving with a chainsaw and announcing that “real men” don’t buy women, look lazy.”


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