The tour of Flanders is one of the biggest races of the cycling season, just like the Tour the France. It’s a monument. A day on which every cycling fan is in front of the TV. For the first time in 100 years, the city of Antwerp is to host the start of this most famous race.The city council wanted to seize the moment to promote Antwerp as a tourist destination.


Instead of trying to reach every cycling fan out there with an expensive TV commercial, we used the biggest skyscraper in the city to leave a message for one guy only: the guy filming the race from the sky. We put a giant poster on the biggest skyscraper of Antwerp with the message: “Dear helicopter pilot, enjoy the view on our city, but don’t forget to film the tour.” The message was written big enough, so the helicopter pilot, and as a result the whole world, could read the message easily.


Reaching out to 1 man in a helicopter, the billboard was viewed by one 110 million fans around the world. Commented on – and live aired on more than 10 tv channels worldwide. Including BBC, Eurosport, NBC, VRT, NOS, … and many more. A single billboard resulting in a priceless airtime on TV.