Some people wait for a gadget.
We wait for an organ.


Re-born to be alive is a nonprofit organization that stands for the promotion of organ donation. Its campaigns are meant to spark discussions and bring the topic closer to the public. The ultimate goal is to get as many people to sign up for organ donation.


No one likes waiting. Still a lot of people choose to wait. For the arrival of a new collection, the release of a new smart device, the opening of a trendy store, … While others have no choice but to wait. For something they really need, to survive.


The night before the opening of the first Apple store in Belgium, we confronted people that were already waiting for hours (and days) in front of the shop. People that are currently waiting for an organ transplantation gave them a surprising offer to beat the queue because they what it’s like to wait. “Become an organ donor and we’ll wait for you.” Making each other’s waiting line a little bit shorter.


On the night the activation took place, 53 of the people we asked directly, responded by signing up to become an organ donor. 97 other fellow waiters pledged spontaneously. Since one organ donor can save up to 7 lives, this activation had the power to save up to 1050 lives. In just a single night.


  • Cannes Lions | PR – GOLD
  • Cannes Lions | Film – BRONZE
  • Cannes Lions | Media – BRONZE
  • Cannes Lions 2016 | Reborn Waiting Lines | Grand Prix for Good shortlist
  • Cannes Lions | Promo & Activation – Shortlist
  • Cannes Lions | Direct – Shortlist
  • Cannes Lions | Outdoor – Shortlist
  • Celebrate Creative Belgium Awards | Outdoor – SILVER
  • Celebrate Creative Belgium Awards | Direct – BRONZE
  • Celebrate Creative Belgium Awards | Media – BRONZE