Enabling 3 physically disabled musicians to make music again, only using their mind.

The brief

Since Smirnoff is linked to nightlife and music the aim was to provoke conversation within the music community and key influencers by demonstrating how innovation and inventiveness (two key brand beliefs) enables people to unlock their creativity and realize their dreams.


To show what people have the power to create if they’re given the means to do so we enabled 3 physically disabled musicians to realize their dream: make music again. To do so we mixed our musicians with a world’s leading brainwave technology expert and chart topping electronic music producer DJ Fresh. The goal was simple: create a new platform that enables our disabled musicians to make a music track with only one instrument: the mind. Once the music track was finished, we made it downloadable on iTunes and Amazon. All proceeds were donated to Queen Elisabeth Foundation for disabled people. A video clip was made and the complete journey was to be seen in an 11-minute documentary that was seeded to press and music forums.


Mindtunes was an instant hit and became one of the most talked about topics on national and international music forums, inspiring people around the world. Mindtunes got 100% positive coverage in all general, music and tech press, and was considered one of the most worthy things a drinks brand has ever done. The music track got airplay on all major radio stations like BBC and even made it into the iTunes Top20. All proceeds were donated to the Queen Elisabeth Foundation helping thousands of disabled people every year to realize their true potential. Apart from a huge share of conversation within the music industry this campaign definitively also managed to gather share of heart.

“The project is pretty mind-blowing, the final track – produced by DJ Fresh, once Andy, Mark and Jo finished up – is great and the video above outlines how the whole thing was done. ”

— www.vice.com


  • Cannes Lions 2014, Bronze in Cyber
  • London International Awards 2014, Bronze in Branded content
  • London International Awards 2014, nomination in the new category
  • CCB 2014, Silver in Internet Film
  • CCB 2014, Silver in Design & Craft: Use of Music

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