Yves Rocher is a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand – relentlessly striving to be at the forefront of trends. The new selfie face, the Fish Gape, was a gift from heaven when they called upon creative agency Duval Guillaume to launch six new lipstick colours of their Cherry Oil range. Central to the online campaign is the Fish Gape Aid. An online application that helps the social media generation to master the Fish Gape to perfection, using your webcam or smartphone camera. This new pose together with one of the six new lipstick colours promises you superior glam level. As their (deliberately exaggerated) launch film says ‘…perhaps the tool of the century’. Six new and fashionable lipstick colours along with a brand new selfie face… land together in the campaign line ‘Keep your lips trendy’.
Adios Duck Face!

Visit yvesrocherfishgape.com