Kind of genius. Kind of.

The brief

As you might know, print is dying. And the industry mostly agrees that it’s biggest threat is digital & social.


We made a print ad so dumb that it went viral.

  1. A print ad appeared in a local Danish newspaper.
  2. A picture of the print ad was taken & blogged.
  3. It instantly went viral.


Facebook shared massively. Twitter talked massively. Thousands of people commented. Within 24 hours over 2 million people viewed the picture of the ad. Which is at about 25 times the original reach of the print ad. And we’re still counting. Proving that social & digital is an opportunity for print. Not a threat. Kind of.

“For these “genius” print ads, Belgium’s Duval Guillaume agency uses handwritten text(… ). As lazy as it comes across, the wit and ballsy nature of the booze brand comes through in these ads that might just be genius themselves.”


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