The war in Syria has been going on for 7 years. Endless tragic news reports made people numb and indifferent. Just before Christmas, the conflict escalated in the city of Aleppo. Most NGO’s were leaving the region, except for the Red Cross. New funds were needed. Urgently.


Everyone knows the song “Let It Snow” from Dean Martin as one of the happiest Christmas songs of all time. They associate it with happiness, good times, snow and most of all celebrating Christmas together with their family. If there is one thing that the people in Aleppo weren’t doing on the 24th of December, it was celebrating Christmas with their loved ones while eating a nice, fried turkey. By showing people horrible news footage on a very happy Christmas song, the Red Cross started a conversation and opened people’s eyes.


‘Merry Christmas from Syria’ was covered by all major Belgian media. Over 1 million impressions on social media. 230% more visitors on the Belgian Red Cross website. Donations went up by 270%.