Looking for a Heartbeat
A man without a heart presents an emotional appeal to encourage all Belgians to Become an organ donor.

In this film for transplant charity Reborn To Be Alive, a man who lives without a heart, Christophe, does an emotional appeal to all Belgians to become an organ donor. He goes on a deliberate quest for spectacular actions that would skyrocket the heart rate of any normal person. Cycling, drifting a fast car, flying, … none of this affects him anymore. The only thing that can bring back the sensation of a beating heart is an organ donation.

The film was launched as an online film and featured in almost all Belgian cinemas for an entire week.

Shortly before releasing this film, Christophe passed away. However, it was his wish to make this project happen, no matter what. Because there are thousands of people for whom help is not too late. Like this we are reminded again of the crucial importance of organ donation.

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