Turning unused apps into a life-saving medium.

The problem

In Belgium, every year 300 people die because they don’t get a new organ in time. That’s almost one every day. What’s worse, Belgians are not automatically registered as an organ donor.

That’s why the Belgian non-profit organization ReBorn-To-Be-Alive is always looking for new and relevant ways to find more organ donors and to inform people about the problem.


These days, every big event has its own smartphone application. When the event is over, the app loses its purpose and remains unused. However, a lot of people still keep the app on their phone. We asked big event organizers to give their apps a second life in order to find people who want to give their organs a second life. Via the so-called Reborn App, people learn about organ donation and can easily sign up as an organ donor.

  1. When a big event is over, people often keep its app on their phone.
  2. We give this unused app an update, a second life.
  3. The app has become a Reborn App.
  4. Via this Reborn App, people can sign up as an organ donor.


An increasing amount of Belgian events are giving their app a second life and by doing so turning it into a life-saver. Today the Reborn apps already reach a total of at about 150.000 possible new organ donors. With a conversion rate of 11% (average is 0,3%) registrations went up by an amazing 210%. Meaning that so far we managed to save up to 3.752 lives (1 donor can save up to 8 lives). Throughout the rest of the year even more events will turn their apps into a Reborn app.


  • Cannes Lions 2013, Gold in Mobile
  • Cannes Lions 2013, Bronze in Direct
  • Cannes Lions 2013, Grand Prix For Good Contender
  • Eurobest 2013, Gold in Mobile
  • Eurobest 2013, Silver in Promo & Activation
  • Eurobest 2013, Silver in Direct
  • Eurobest 2013, Silver in Media
  • Caples 2013, Gold in Mobile Marketing
  • Andy Awards 2014, Bronze in Wireless/Mobile
  • CCB 2013, Gold in Media
  • CCB 2013, Gold in Cyber
  • CCB 2013, Silver in Direct
  • CCB 2013, Bronze in Innovative

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