A free taxi ride confronts 3 major advertisers with the captivating power of newspapers.

The brief

In this digital era newspapers fall off the media plan more and more. That’s why Newspaperswork, the marketing platform for all Belgian newspaper publishers, wanted to reconnect with advertisers and wmore why newspapers still are an effective and very captivating medium.


We chose not to explain, but to demonstrate how captivating newspapers can be. And we demonstrated it to the core of our target audience: the advertiser. How? On the election day of the Advertiser Personality of the Year, the 3 nominees were given a car with a private driver so they had time to read the newspaper. During the ride we tried to distract them with some unusual happenings like a burning man and a bear driving a car… But none of the advertisers noticed any of the distractions, they all kept reading. We made a movie of the stunt and send it to all Belgian advertisers to spread the message.


The stunt was the talk of the town within the Belgian world of advertisers and caused a debate about the relevance of newspapers in the media mix.

The e-dm was send to 1.500 advertisers and generated more than 5.000 unique visitors on the BTB site newspaperswork.be in less than 1 week

The number of visitors on the BTB site of the past 3 months doubled in only 3 weeks National and international press attention.


  • Cannes Lions 2013, Silver

“A great ad testifying to the power of newspapers”

— www.gordonsrepublic.brandrepublic.com

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