Reborn-to-be-alive and Duval Guillaume launch 'What are you waiting for?'

Reborn-to-be-alive launches its new campaign in the queue for the Brussels Apple store opening

The organ donation waiting list is way too long. The organ donor list is too short. Every year people die because they cannot find an organ donor in time. Reborn to be Alive aims to engage Belgians to register as organ donors and by doing so, potentially save lives. 

Raising awareness for issues like as this one isn’t always an easy task. We considered the opening of the Apple store in Brussels the perfect opportunity to make people aware of the fact that, for some, waiting could be a matter of life or death. 

Three people who are currently waiting for an organ donation (or who already received one) made some of the people standing in the queue a very special offer. They would take their place in the queue, because they themselves are used to waiting for something. The only thing the customers had to do in return: Register themselves as organ donors.

The message was pretty straightforward: Eight lives could be saved by just a single organ donor. Each registration counts.