Seth & Riley’s Garage launches worldwide with a campaign that’s kind of genius. Kind of.


Today, it seems a garage is all it takes to be a real genius. Think Facebook, Google, Apple and other start-ups. But what about the other garage geniuses… the kind of geniuses?

Introducing: Seth & Riley’s Garage. An old lemonade recipe with a pinch of alcohol.

Basically, a kind of genius drink. For the kind of genius guys. With this new hard lemonade, Carlsberg Breweries is launching its first global venture into the ‘hard drinks’ category.

And to launch it worldwide, we created a kind of genius campaign featuring a funeral, crazy penguins and a lot of slow motion. Yes, we have gone completely mad.

But that’s ok, because Seth & Riley’s Garage is all about relaxing, leaning back and letting the ideas come instead of chasing them. And since we practice what we preach, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Kind of genius way to travel. Kind of.

Kind of genius way to fly. Kind of.

Kind of genius slow motion. Kind of.

More info about the full campaign can be found on