Belgium’s oldest entrepreneur to retire at the age of 89

She is selling her business on, a new platform launched by AXA.

Ida Boonen is 89 which makes her the oldest active entrepreneur in Belgium. When she turns 90 she wants to stop though. That is why she is looking for someone to take over her clothes boutique in Neerpelt (Belgium). She is doing this on, a new platform for entrepreneurs at the end and start of their careers.

After a survey involving her enterprising customers, AXA discovered a pressing problem for small companies: a lack of successors. Although the majority of self-employed persons with a small business is 55+, they do not have a successor in their own family. To help these entrepreneurs in their search, AXA launched, an online platform which puts companies in the shop window.

To highlight this launch, AXA went in search of Belgium’s oldest entrepreneur. And this person is Ida Boonen, 89, and manager of clothes boutique Botex in Neerpelt. She is also looking for someone to take over her business via “A young girl aged 50 or so”, to say it in her own words.

Watch Ida’s story in Dutch or French here: