Duval Guillaume wins 10 Cannes Lions for 5 different clients

Cannes Lions
Cannes Lions

“It’s much more difficult to repeat success than to achieve success” so they say.

Nevertheless repeat success is exactly what we did at this year’s Cannes Lions festival. After 14 Cannes Lions last year, Duval Guillaume Modem took home 3 Gold Lions, 2 Silver Lions, 5 Bronze Lions and 32 shortlists for 7 different clients, at this year’s edition.

Here’s all the winning work: ‘Poker‘ (Carlsberg), 'We know drama' (TNT), ‘Reborn Apps‘ (Reborn), 'Amazing Mindreader' (Febelfin), ‘The power of newspapers‘ (Newspaperswork.be), ‘Drama hits the Netherlands‘ (TNT), ‘Dreams‘ (Celestial tea) and ‘You have 70 seconds‘ (Coke Zero).

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their trust, braveness and intelligence.