SSX Launch: your cocktail shaken by a Pro-Rider

In March 2012 EA released SSX extreme snowboarding and invited gamers to defy reality. But before SSX officially hit the slopes in Belgium, EA wanted us to generate extra buzz and free press. Our idea? SSX Shakes, an exclusive event for a limited audience of popular bloggers and journalists. During the event, we brought them in the right mood with booze, snowboarding, music, chicks, tricks… and game play. But there was more. On the slope we placed a cocktail bar. Our invitees first had to choose 1 of the cocktails that were all named after a typical snowboard trick. The cocktails however, were not shaken by bartenders but by pro-riders who performed the corresponding snowboard trick and handed it over freshly shaken. Afterwards every blogger and journalist received a personalized movie with the making of his SSX shake to share with friends, fans & followers.


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