One Gold and one Silver EFFIE for Duval Guillaume Brussels.

Yesterday evening two of our most recent campaigns were rewarded at the prestigious EFFIE Awards. Which – of course - makes us very proud: it’s our 15th EFFIE Award since 2002. It makes us Belgium’s most EFFIE rewarded agency of this decade and confirms Duval Guillaume’s efficient creativity approach. Creativity not for the fun of it, but a great campaign idea, sharp media insight and excellent production execution, all anchored on an innovative strategic insight. Creativity that stands out and helps our clients business to be more successful. Our Drink milk now for later campaign for VLAM Melk (the Milk Board of Flanders) was awarded a Gold EFFIE. The judges mainly praised the innovative strategic insight that milk allows you to stay flexible your whole life, and the consistency with which the strategy was translated to strong creative work. These two factors eventually lead to fantastic results with proven effect of communication: we succeeded to establish the first growth in milk consumption in Flanders in decades.


With the campaign Coffee and Lotus Speculoos, always together we won a Silver EFFIE. The strategic choice to grow Lotus Speculoos by focusing all our communication efforts consistently on one consumption moment, the coffee moment, proved to be effective and lead to significant growth with remarkable ROI results.


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