New York will get streetnames, if Cannes selects our Good Work entry

"New York Streetnames", a fundraising idea for the homeless of New York, has been entered for the Cannes Lions Good Work Competition, a new category awarding proactive ideas for Non Profit Organisations. Best entries will be selected by a professional jury and will get a chance to be presented to the chosen organisation. There is a good reason why the streets in New York City have no name. It gives us the opportunity to turn New York from the city where the streets have no name and the homeless have no future, into the city where the streets have a name and the homeless have a future. Famous people, brands and organisations will get the opportunity to name a New York Street after them. In an ideal world the city of New York would concede in posting those streetnames for a year. In an even more ideal world enough money will be raised to do something fundamental for the homeless and poor in New York.