Lorem Ipsum Take-Over

As the year-end holidays approach, the ACC (the Belgian Association of Communication Companies) is launching a new initiative to support the profession. Following last year’s Virtual Strike, this year the ACC decided on a positive incentive called the ‘Lorem Ipsum Take-Over’, an idea that we developed for them. Via the ‘Lorem Ipsum Take-Over’ tool, the ACC is seeking to continually remind both advertisers and advertising agencies that the best guarantee of excellent work is still a sustainable, long-term professional relationship. The ACC is striving to send a strong positive signal to advertisers that a pitch is not always the ideal way to draw the best from the agencies.

The ACC itself is not so much launching a campaign with the ‘Lorem Ipsum Take-Over’, but rather a long-term approach. The free, downloadable tool automatically replaces all Lorem Ipsum dummy texts with an ACC text that reminds advertisers of the importance of long-lasting professional relations.


In total 43 agencies are participating in the ACC's Lorem Ipsum Take-Over. Find the tool (and more information) at www.accbelgium.be/loremipsum