Celebrating Duval Guillaume's 15th Anniversary

In September 1995 we met in Kinsale. County Cork. André had just resigned from TBWA and came to visit Guillaume who had left Y&R half a year earlier and was in the jury of the Irish Advertising Festival. André had this idea about a new agency and wanted to talk about it right here:


Two months later we sat in the piano bar on top of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, which you may know from Sofia Copolla’s “Lost in Translation”. Very recommended if you want to dream about a new venture. Good jazz music too, though the piano player in the movie looks a lot better than the real one.


We both had our own ideas about the future of the business and what a new agency should look like. We talked and talked to each other for months. And when that didn’t work, we tried out a whole new concept: we started listening to one another. That seemed to work better and after our wives Nadine and Kris gave their blessing, we opened for business on 19 February 1996 on the Boulevard Souverain in Brussels, right here in this beautiful house.


Today Duval Guillaume is what André and Guillaume had agreed it would become: An environment where talented advertising people and advertisers with creative ambitions could meet, motivate and inspire each other. In 2009 Campaign did a great article about that.

It has always been a great place to be for all those who want to make a difference. And looking at the new generation, it will be for at least another fifteen years.

Andre & Guillaume