An Olympic effort deserves an Olympic applause

We all know Belgians aren't the most patriotic of all people. That doesn't mean we as a nation shouldn't be proud of the Belgian delegation for the Olympics in London 2012. To make sure that we all feel connected with our athletes, the Belgian Olympic Committee wanted Belgians to show their enthousiasm and to cheer their athletes all the way to the podium in London. It is the cheers, the applause that makes athletes to transcend themselves. To do this, the BOIC and Duval Guillaume Modem created an online platform - - on which all Belgians are invited to applaud for their favorite athletes. A small effort from each Belgian results in a massive applause from all of us. Because an Olympic effort deserves an Olympic applause. To kick off the campaign we created a TV commercial which is being aired right now.


Or check out so you can applaud with all of us.