Radio silver at London International Awards

With the radiocampagne for Bongo Gift Boxes, Duval Guillaume Brussels won silver at this year's LIA (London International Awards). The commercial features soap and film actor Herbert Flack playing himself as an actor who helps people who cannot act surprised anymore when getting another cliché christmas present. For those who don't understand Dutch, we have added a backtranslation. V: Here you are, darling, your Christmas present.

M: Yes, well, I’m sorry, but every year the same gift, I really can’t pretend to be happy with it anymore. So I have hired a professional actor...

HF: Merry Christmas, this is Herbert Flack... I assume this is a bottle of champagne? How would you like me to accept it? Euphoric, neutral, just say it...

M: Eh, euphoric will do fine.

HF: OK...

SFX: Opens gift, music.

HF: Waaaah, a bottle of champagne! Great! Let’s pop that one, shall we! (plop!)

VO: Instead of always the same gift, you’d better give a Bongo.