Eurobest final result: 1 Gold, 2 silver and 16 shortlists

With a gold and two silver in the Media Category Duval Guillaume did well at this years Eurobest festival. Gold and 1 silver were handed out to AXA bank&insurance for their ‘axa brings print ad to life’ campaign. In Belgium this campaign was already awarded with gold and named ‘innovative campaign of the year’ at the Mixx Awards (Belgian award for creative excellence in Digital). The second silver was for ‘little robin’ and Opvoedingslijn, a parental hotline for out of control kids. Next to this there were 5 more shortlists for ‘axa brings print ad to life’ in direct, promo&activation, press and media. There was 1 more shortlist ‘little robin’ in outdoor. The other shortlists were: ‘the house of inventions’ for SOSidee in outdoor, ‘Police Ribbon’ for CAW in outdoor, ‘Classified ads’ for Alfa Romeo in outdoor, ‘Sex’ and ‘dance’ for TMFTravel in film, ‘Extras’ for Telenet in film, ‘Euphoric’ for Bongo in radio, ‘First Radio Flyer’ for De Lijn in Radio and ‘The Blow Job’ for Ché Men’s Magazine in Promo&Activation.