Duval Guillaume Introduces Duval Guillaume Modem

A call for change in digital marketing Antwerp/Brussels, April 27th, 2010 - Duval Guillaume today announced the launch of Duval Guillaume Modem, the agency’s new interactive expert unit. Duval Guillaume Modem will be dedicated to creating and managing interactive brand experiences and relationships, through an innovative relationship platform approach.

Giving advertisers more value for money

“The demand for digital solutions that create value is growing rapidlyâ€?, says Klaus Lommatzsch, CEO Duval Guillaume. “Creating Duval Guillaume Modem allows us to offer our clients a powerful solution to integrate the digital offering in such a way that it contributes to their overall business success. Powered by our interactive know-how and relevant creative excellence made by Duval Guillaume, Duval Guillaume Modem has the scope to set a new kind of connected agency.â€?

Johan Van Mol, Managing Partner Duval Guillaume Modem adds: “Today, a lot of energy and money is lost in campaign-based ad hoc marketing. Duval Guillaume Modem calls for a change. We believe that brands can only establish value-creating relationships with customers through progressive relationship platforms that continuously improve based on market and consumer insights, stakeholder interaction and metrics. We are convinced that well-managed relationship platforms have the ability to become true assets to a brand.â€?

Progressive Relationship Platform®

Progressive Relationship Platforms® are a new dynamic way of looking at how brands connect with their stakeholders in a digital world. In essence, a Progressive Relationship Platform® is composed of a strong brand idea and an effective digital architecture that supports and carries the idea and the brand. A Progressive Relationship Platform® is a true asset to a brand, because it grows and becomes stronger over time. Platforms connect people and brands by means of conversations, entertainment and information.

Progressive Relationship Platforms® also need intelligent strategies to be effective in connecting the brand to its customers and allowing for a continuous feed of the platform. Today, consumers use fragmented media, control the conversation and have more impact on a brand. A one-way connection strategy is no longer relevant.

Duval Guillaume Modem, part of Duval Guillaume

Duval Guillaume Modem is an expert unit of Duval Guillaume next to the other units Duval Guillaume Antwerp (through-the-line advertising) and Duval Guillaume Brussels (through-the-line advertising), Duval Guillaume Dialog (CRM, direct marketing and brand activation) and Duval Guillaume Corporate (corporate branding, employer branding, reputation management and PR, publishing). Duval Guillaume Modem is headed by Johan Van Mol (Managing Partner), Lansen Walraet (Creative Director) for the Antwerp office and Kris Hoet (Head of Digital Strategy) and Peter Ampe and Katrien Bottez (Creative Directors) for the Brussels office.

Duval Guillaume Modem will also represent the international Modem network in Belgium. Modem is the worldwide digital experience agency network of Publicis Worldwide, active in 40 countries and counting 2500 employees.