De Morgen performs radio commercial live

This morning newspaper De Morgen scored a scoop with the first ever live radio commercial. A professional voice-over and a couple of musicians played the commercial live during Ornelis & Rogiers radio show on Q-music. The past days they had been rehearsing to fit their music and message within the assigned 30 seconds. Luckily they were backed-up by the enthusiasm and technical support of radio station Q-music. This live radio commercial is De Morgen's original way to announce its "Legendary Live Albums", a new series of twelve legendary concerts of bands like Nirvana, Coldplay and Deep Purple. Readers of De Morgen can collect the live cd's as from 26th June.

Normally radio commercials are delivered to the radio station perfectly recorded and mixed, with the correct words, music and jingle. For once the voice-over and musicians performed it live on air. The next days the recording of this live session will be broadcast again during the commercial breaks, including false notes and slips of the tongue.