Word created for radio campaign ends up in the dictionary: "fokkie"

At the end of 2006 the newly found word "fokkie" was used for the first time in a radio commercial for leading coffee brand Douwe Egberts. It was part of a dyslectic series of commercials illustrating you mix up words when you haven't had your coffee yet. Soon the word "fokkie" began to lead a live outside advertising and at one point it began to pop up in chat sessions, it was used by radio hosts and the scriptwriters of one of belgium's popular soaps used it in their dialogues. And no, this was not the result of product placement. Last summer we organised an online petition to get "fokkie" in de official Dutch dictionary. More than 7.000 people signed the petition and 12.000 became fan on facebook. And so, three years later, the unthinkable happened: fokkie is accepted as an official entry in the new yearbook of the official Van Dale Dutch dictionary. If you make it to the yearbook a couple of times, you are permanently part of the official daily language. fokkie2