Live your life with Icelandic Commercials

Off of a creative platform that invites listeners to "live their lives with Icelandic Confidence", Duval Guillaume launched a new radio campaign in Dallas, Miami and Washington DC for Iceland Health to promote their newly formulated Iceland Health Joint Relief product.

Suzanne : [audio:] Secret : [audio:]

Iceland Health is a nutritional supplement with at its base 100-percent Icelandic omega-3 (a natural anti-inflammatory), extracted from the purest fish oil and Icelanders in general are known to have the longest life expectancy in the world (80+).

This insight led us to change the communication approach for Iceland Health from ‘factual, clinical’ to ‘emotional, personal’: through Iceland Health Joint Relief and other IH omega-3-based products, consumers are now offered some of the same benefits experienced by Icelanders and, along with this, the proposition of experiencing life with "Icelandic Confidence." And not to mention strong and supple joints!