Employer branding is dead, so what now?

dg_seminar_wireo-11 Last Friday 23rd of October, Duval Guillaume organized a seminar in Antwerp about employer reputation management (“Employer branding is dead, so what now?â€?). Attendees included corporate communications and HR professionals of 50 top companies like Alfacam Group/EXQI, AstraZeneca, BASF, Electrabel, Euroclear,Fedex, GDF Suez, Ideal Standard, Mediamarkt, RealDolmen,  Sara Lee, Solvay, Spadel and Siemens.

The conclusion to the seminar was that no, Employer Branding is not dead, but that it has had to adapt to the new business landscape and social behaviours. Whether it’s achieving recruitment goals, managing employer reputations, or perhaps most importantly inspiring talent and enhancing the manner in which employees interact, Employer Branding is very much alive and kicking. But it cannot be seen as something that is the sole responsibility of the HR department. An attractive employer reputation is the result of a joint effort between HR, internal communications, corporate communications, PR and marketing.

Inspiring speakers illustrated this statement.

Vera Janssens, Corporate communications Manager Southwest Europe at Siemens, who took attendees on a journey of experiences and real life examples, showing how important internal communications are as part of an integrated communications approach.

Kevin Keohane from SAS design in London provided insights about trends and best practices in employer branding management and employee engagement. SAS design and Duval Guillaume are two of the leading agencies in the recently launched Publicis Global Brand & Talent network. Duval Guillaume’s expert in digital communications Johan Van Mol presented a new tool to help companies build sustainable on line relations with the talent market. Olivier Trop, Head of the PR and corporate reputation management practice, revealed the results of a study conducted by Duval Guillaume about the impact of the corporate reputation of a company on its attractiveness as an employer.

The seminar, hosted by Isabelle Leleux (Head of employer branding at Duval Guillaume) was concluded by a relaxed networking lunch and drinks. An inspiring Friday morning…

Feedback from the event

“Ik vond het interessant en van een goed niveau en dat was ook wat de meeste andere mensen vonden bij de babbel achteraf.En dat kan niet van alle seminars gezegd worden.â€?

Mercuri Urval

“Bedankt voor dit interessante seminarie! Ik heb zeker iets opgestoken!â€?