Summer hour: Fokkiefoon & Faké Service

Douwe Egberts - Fokkiefoon - screenshot - sent During the night of Saturday 29th March to Sunday 30th March Belgians switched to the summer hour. Three o'clock became two o'clock and we all missed out on one hour of sleep.

To make sure everybody got out of bed Sunday morning Douwe Egberts launched the a wake-up-call service called Fokkiefoon (Dutch) and Faké Service (French).

You can order a wake-up-call for yourself or for your friends through the website (Dutch) and (French). You can choose the dyslectic message people will hear when waked up.

Looking at the database, we see most people want to get their friends out of bed around six in the morning. Quite a prank. Since many people are jetlagged during the whole week, the service will be available until Friday 4th of April. Enjoy.

Douwe Egberts - Fak� Service - screenshot - for web