Duval Guillaume regroups

Duval Guillaume was founded twelve years ago in Belgium (1996) by André Duval and Guillaume van der Stighelen. The agency has two full-service offices: one in Antwerp (DGA) and one in Brussels (DGB). Today the organization is regrouped - through the consolidation of other company-owned agencies into the two full-service agencies in Brussels and Antwerp - and now works in truly integrated fashion in marketing and communication services.

Duval Guillaume has always been an idea-centric agency focused on building and strengthening brands. The selection of media and communication channels are therefore always contingent upon the needs of the brand and the strength of creative ideas. Today, companies and organizations have different communication needs. Media and technologies are shifting, while brands have to connect to their audiences, who are also shifting in terms of needs and wants. Therefore Duval Guillaume has regrouped the organization to best serve client needs in a more integrated and cost-effective manner.

Guillaume van der Stighelen: We never mentioned "Above-the-line", "Below-the-line" or "Through-the-line". At Duval Guillaume, there has never been a line. Perhaps only "Blow-up-the-line.

Prior to the agency restructuring, Duval Guillaume had - next to the two full-service agencies - three (3) specialty agencies housed in separate locations: Duval Guillaume Corporate (DGC), Duval Guillaume - Dialog (DGD) and Duval Guillaume/E (DGE). In 2005, Duval Guillaume added an international subsidiary agency in New York City, as well as one in Paris in 2006. Publicis Groupe acquired Duval Guillaume in April of 2006.

As of May 2008, Duval Guillaume will be one brand with two strong full-service agencies. All activity for Duval Guillaume in Antwerp -- including that for the Antwerp-based specialty agencies -- will be grouped in one central location. The same will apply for Duval Guillaume in Brussels. Each office will be independent from one another but will "share opportunities" as appropriate. The Duval Guillaume offices of New York and Paris will remain international subsidiaries but with full access to the full resources of the Belgian offices.

Andre Duval: As a truly integrated agency, we will have everything going for us to take a leading role in the international communication landscape.

In both the Brussels and Antwerp agency, people with diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds and expertise will work together and offer integrated services. Creativity will always be the central element of all communication by Duval Guillaume. The selection of media, use of communication channels and ways of connecting to audiences are adapted to the central communication idea.