Duval Guillaume brand building recipes unveiled

Duval Guillaume’s book is out. It is called ‘Maak van je Merk een Held‘, translated: ‘Turn your Brand into a Hero’. The book is about Duval Guillaume’s way of building brands, the theory and the working methods that go with it. We’ve noticed the way people feel about brands has the same dynamics as how they perceive heroes. For brands, it is important to set their own scene. Like Carl Lewis once said: “Today it is not enough to be a champion. You also have to look like a champion, talk like a champion and act like a champion.â€?

In this book, Duval Guilaume’s co-founder Guillaume Van der Stighelen brings all elements together in a brand building story: an exceptional performance, a name to remember, a look that is easy to recognize and the right words to spread the news. And all this held together by a greater story about how this brand will contribute to a better world.

We address this book specifically to entrepreneurs and CEO’s. It will help them to understand the dynamics of a brand and how their brand can stand out by following a few simple rules of thumb. The book is published in Dutch. Other languages will follow.

After reading the book you can ask Guillaume a question about the content. Challenge his ideas, ask how 'Hero Brands' could work for you brand and discuss the examples. Surf to www.MerkenHeld.be (in Dutch) and ask your question. After reading the book of course.