Douwe Egberts supports Brudio Stussel with fokkie

Leidi Henaerts gervat haar fokkietje National youth radio Studio Brussel (StuBru) celebrates their 25th anniversary. For one week, they will turn the station upside down and change the name into the dyslectic Brudio Stussel (BruStu).

Douwe Egberts is well know for the Fokkie & Facé campaign on the radio, created by Duval Guillaume Brussels. The word coffee was inverted in French (café) and in Dutch (koffie). The characters in the spots speak a dyslectic language, until they had a cup of Douwe Egberts. You're only ready to start the day, after a good cup of Douwe Egberts in the morning, is the idea behind it. The word Fokkie became an instant hit and is used in everyday life.

Douwe Egberts is airing new spots made for the birthday week of Studio Brussel. One spot explains how creatives came up with the name Brudio Stussel. They clearly hadden't drank a fokkie yet that day.

All StuBru radio hosts received a t-shirt with a print of their name written in the dyslectic Fokkie language. The word Fokkie has been used regularly on air. In the studio a FokkieSjamien (coffee machine) was placed, to keep the hosts awake during the broadcasting at night.

Somas De Toete gervat zijn fokkietje