Bronze Effie Award for Lotus

Lotus is the Belgian reference brand in biscuits and baked goods. With last year's launch campaign for their new product gingerbread, Lotus succeeded to give the brand a new lease of life and at the same time claim leadership in this new category. The campaign took home a Bronze trophee at this year's Effie Awards.

Gingerbread used to be a rather stuffy category with an ageing user base and was not attracting new consumers anymore. It was key to teach young Belgian consumers to eat gingerbread again. The point of departure was to position gingerbread as a good energy provider, containing sugar, but no fats.

The “energyâ€? proposition came to life in a TV commercial of which the soundtrack became a real earwurm. Annoying to some, it definitely had a strong impact on many. The brand awareness reached new heights and the campaign managed to raise sales both for the new product and for the whole brand.

Duval Guillaume and Lotus are glad to already win an Effie with their very first campaign in their very first year of collaboration. The Belgian evergreen cookie brand is glad to be back and as the latest growth updates show, this is only the beginning.