Amma Award: nominations

Amma Award The AMMA Awards - the Annual Masters of Media Awards - reward media expertise. These media awards are organised in Belgium since 2007. The seven categories are:

  • Best Media Strategy
  • Best Creative Media Use
  • Best Media Research
  • Media Representative of the Year
  • Media Saleshouse of the Year
  • Media Advertiser of the Year
  • Media Agency of the Year

Last year Duval Guillaume won Best Creative Use of Media with the GAIA campaign Pigs in Pain. This year the Hyundai "Helicopter Launch" campaign is nominated in het category Best Media Strategy.

Christophe Mottint from Sara Lee is also nominated in the category Media Advertiser. Duval Guillaume works for Douwe Egberts with Christophe. The winners will be known on the 23rd of April.