2008 CCB Awards for Duval Guillaume

The Creative Club of Belgium organizes the annual Gala of the CCB Awards. The most creative ideas in marketing, communication and advertising are rewarded by the Belgian industry. The Gala CCB for 2008 took place in Knokke and was themed 'Comme A Cannes Belgium'. Duval Guillaume and its clients received many awards. Twenty-five statues were taken home by the Duval Guillaume offices in Antwerp and Brussels, including a Grand Prix. You can find a full overview below.


Overview of awards by Client or Brand in alphabetical order:

Belgacom & Belgacom TV

  • Bronze in the category Films for "CD, Rope & Coin"
  • Silver in the category Films for "Lotto"


  • Gold in the category Media for 'A Blind Call'
  • Gold in the category Innovative for 'A Blind Call'
  • Grand Prix in the category Innovative for 'A Blind Call
  • Silver in the category Integrated for 'A Blind Call'


  • Silver in the category Films for 'Colours'

De Morgen

  • Bronze in the category Radio for 'Globale Warming'

Douwe Egberts

  • Bronze in the category Radio for the 'Fokkie' series
  • Gold in the category Radio for 'Fokkiesjamien'
  • Best Copywriting (Dutch) for Hans & Raoul for the 'Fokkie' campaign 


  • Bronze in the category Media for 'Helicopter Drop'
  • Bronze in the category Press for 'Tennis Sponsoring'
  • Bronze in the category Press for 'Bedroom & Office'
  • Bronze in the category Outdoorfor 'Helicopter Drop'
  • Bronze in the category Innovative for 'Helicopter Drop'
  • Bronze in the category Integrated for 'Helicopter Drop'

Mercator and Mercator Insurances

  • Bronze in the category Direct for 'Burglar'
  • Bronze in the category Outdoor for 'Breast & Ass'
  • Gold in the category Films for 'Never trust a man'


  • Brozne in the category Outdoor for 'Bâche Italy'


  • Bronze in the category Cyber for 'Nikon versus Dehaene'


  • Silver in the category Films for 'What Women Want'

Stop the traffik

  • Silver in the category Media for 'Top Jobs Abroad'
  • Silver in the category Outdoor for 'Top Jobs Abroad'