Selor Webinar for IT recruitment

Selor Webinar Job candidates with a background in IT are a hard catch: there are few people to recruit and all employers are looking for them. Imagine that you are a government organization and have to compete with commercial organizations in this IT recruitment race. Not an easy mission.

Still, working for the Belgian Federal Government is dull nor boring. It's an interesting career with many advantages. You just have to find a way to communicate this to the job seekers in your target group.

Selor, the recruitment and selection agency for the Belgian Federal Government, had to hire quite some IT profiles in a short notice. Therefore Duval Guillaume aligned Selor's communication campaign with the organization of a Webinar, a web conference using streaming video and real time chatting. The webinar was supported with an integrated communication campaign.

85 active viewers out of 185 high profiled unique visitors took part. A satisfying result, given the ambitious objectives and specific target group. You can take a peak at the video streams on the Vacature site, in French or in Dutch.