'Fokkietje' in the dictionary

'Fokkie' is a non-existing word invented by Duval Guillaume for a radio campaign on behalf of Douwe Egberts. 'Fokkie' is a dyslectic version of 'koffie', the Dutch word for coffee. With the campaign we refer to the effect of not drinking a coffee in the morning, which leads to a dyslectic use of the language. In Belgium more and more people are commonly using this word in daily life. You should enter 'fokkietje' or 'fokkie' in Google to see how widespread it is.

After airing this campaign, 'fokkietje' popped up in several blogs, twitters and forums on the web. It's being used in daily conversations and has been elected the best radio commercial by the audience. Maybe we are a bit too optimistic, but wouldn't it be great if 'fokkie' could end in up in the dictionary?

Click below to listen to two of the 'fokkie' radio spots. Please note that they are in dutch, so even after two coffees you might not get it. Enjoy.

'Fokkiesjamien' Spot [audio:http://www.duvalguillaume.com/news/audio/Spot_5_Fokkiesjamien.mp3]

'First day at work' Spot [audio:http://www.duvalguillaume.com/news/audio/Spot_4_Eerste_werkdag.mp3]