Figures and numbers

Figures and Numbers Financial Forces are experts in financial staffing at all possible levels. Their brand promise is: "who says working with numbers is boring".

Together with Financial Forces Duval Guillaume created an unusual campaign: figures and numbers. The Belgian game show host Zaki was engaged to present an online quiz called 'figures and numbers', Cijfers en Getallen in Dutch or Chiffres et Nombres in french.

The game is a mathematical challenge based on the original show 'figures and characters ("Cijfers en letters" in Dutch) Zaki used to host. Anyone can play the game. The ones interested in a job through Financial Forces register and could be contacted by the Financial Forces recruitment team.

The campaign will be promoted using print ads, sampling, bannering and displays in offices. Zaki and Philippe Rase, the French host, are looking forward to welcom you as a their next candidate. Carry on: