A Blind Call

Broekzakbellen... Though we can't translate this Dutch word we invented, you are probably familiar with the phenomenon: you forget to lock your mobile phone, slip it into your trousers pocket and accidentally call the first person in your contact list. Duval Guillaume has used this insight for a groundbreaking new way of fundraising. We asked the public to insert A Blind Call at the top of their contact list in their mobile phones.

So, next time you'll call someone by accident, you don't disturb Ann, Agatha or André who used to be the first contact in your list, since A Blind Call will be on top. Even better, with every Blind Call you donate a small amount of money to the Belgian League for the Blind.

One week after launching this concept thousands of people made a blind call, some even on purpose. This way the community supports the league for the blind. The campaign had a surprisingly large coverage in newspapers as well as on the web.