Duval Guillaume wins gold and bronze at the Cannes Lions Festival

Three awards for Duval Guillaume at the Cannes Lions for the Waiting Lines campaign for Re-born to be Alive: a Gold PR Lion, a Bronze Media Lion and a Bronze Film Lion. Aim of the campaign was to raise awareness on organ donation. Duval Guillaume developed an online movie in which they made a very special offer to people standing in line at the opening of the Brussels Apple store. 

The city of Antwerp - Trash Tunes

The city of Antwerp throws Snoop Dogg, Tina Turner and K3 in the trash bin.

The city of Antwerp engages in a lot of activities to keep the streets of the city clean. But a clean city is a shared responsibility. The existing trash bins are very much integrated in the streetscape, and are therefore not easy to notice. To raise the awareness amongst the visitors and the people living in Antwerp, Duval Guillaume came up with a unique initiative: we transformed their trashbins into vintage jukeboxes, that play music when you throw garbage in.


Proud to announce we made it to the list of Effie finalists with our campaign “Helpt helpen” for Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen. Thirteen campaigns out of the thirty-five were selected as finalists, of which four in non-profit. Jury chairman this year was Ignace Heyman, COO of Lotus Bakeries. The Effie Effectiveness Forum will take place in Brussels on June 9, and will be followed by the Effie Awards Ceremony.

Bold movie for World Red Cross Day

8 May is World Red Cross Day, the perfect time to create some buzz around the organisation that helps and saves people around the world, every day. Duval Guillaume created a movie to confront people with the enormous impact of the Red Cross on society. With an enumeration of bold historical figures of people killed by other crosses from different religions, parties or tendencies, the comparison is made with the dazzling amount of people saved by the Red Cross. This online movie is targeted at young people, since the Red Cross is looking for a new wave of volunteers.

Skyrocket your likes with the new selfie trick

Yves Rocher is a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand - relentlessly striving to be at the forefront of trends. The new selfie face, the Fish Gape, was a gift from heaven when they called upon creative agency Duval Guillaume to launch six new lipstick colours of their Cherry Oil range. Central to the online campaign is the Fish Gape Aid. An online application that helps the social media generation to master the Fish Gape to perfection, using your webcam or smartphone camera. This new pose together with one of the six new lipstick colours promises you superior glam level. As their (deliberately exaggerated) launch film says ‘…perhaps the tool of the century’. Six new and fashionable lipstick colours along with a brand new selfie face… land together in the campaign line ‘Keep your lips trendy’.
Adios Duck Face!

Visit yvesrocherfishgape.com

Duval Guillaume wins bronze on the Best of Activation Awards for hacking famous politician’s Twitter account

Proud! We won bronze at the Best of Activation Awards in the category Direct one-to-one, for our WTF Tweets campaign for the Opvoedingslijn. To raise awareness around the fact that you can also consult the Opvoedingslijn when it comes to kids and the use of smartphones and social networks, we created an online stunt where we took over the Twitter account of the politician Wouter Beke. We made people believe that Beke’s 9 year old daughter took hold of his smartphone and was writing weird tweets and sending strange images. In less than one hour, the tweets were retweeted more than a thousand times. It made the news and was picked up by online press, radio, newspapers and TV. 

Bronze AMMA for "The Open Window Billboards" campaign

Duval Guillaume and media agency Maxus won a bronze AMMA Award for Best Creative Media Use for “The Open Window Billboards” campaign they developed for the City of Antwerp. The Open Window Billboards campaign was created to make the Antwerp people aware of the increasing amount of break-ins in autumn. 30% of the break-ins happen when a house is not properly locked. To highlight this problem, a network of unclosed billboards were placed all over Antwerp. Posters also gave civilians easy tips to prevent theft in their homes, reminding the Antwerp people to lock their windows when leaving the house.

Duval Guillaume’s radio campaign for Re-born is finalist at The One Show Creative Week in NY

The radio campaign that Duval Guillaume created for Re-born is a finalist in the non-profit awareness category at The One Show Creative Week in New York. Re-born to be alive is a nonprofit organisation that stands for the promotion of organ donation and transplantation. Its campaigns are meant to spark discussions about the topic and bring it closer to the public. The ultimate goal of the organization is to give second chances.

Duval Guillaume created a radio campaign to raise awareness around organ donation, and activate people to register at www.reborntobealive.be as an organ donor. The campaign focuses on the fact that life can be passed on and that someone’s death doesn’t need to be meaningless. The radio campaign “heartbeats” is a result of a collaboration between Duval Guillaume and Ray Gun and will be aired on FM Brussels.

See the campaign here.

Dries De Wilde jury member at the Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the global event for those working in creative communications, is taking place from 18 till 25 June this year. The 7-day festival incorporates the awarding of the Lions awards, the industry's most coveted creative accolades. We are proud to announce that our Creative Director Dries De Wilde will be Direct Jury Member this year. The Direct Lions celebrate response-driven and relationship-building creativity.  Dries has been with DG for almost 10 years, during which he won numerous national and international awards, of which 14 Cannes Lions. Current and previous clients include Carlsberg, TNT and AXA.