TNT keeps adding drama to daily life

Apr 14 2014

As a follow-up of the previous print campaign, Duval Guillaume developed 4 new images that make all of us imagine how life becomes more ‘interesting’ when you add some drama to it.

TNT - Garden of EdenTNT Skunk
TNT Sumo Drama
TNT Surgery Drama

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What do pétanque, knitting and fishing have in common? Coke Zero finds out.

Mar 04 2014

Coke Zero - Just Add Zero - No Boules, no glory

When is the last time you and your friends gathered around the television to watch a good game of pétanque? Right. Pétanque players, knitters, fishermen,… they don’t get the glory soccer players get. But wouldn’t it be nice if for once they got some more support? We asked 5 ordinary people if we could film them while going about their hobbies. They had no idea we were about to turn their quiet pastime into a crazy experience, just by adding zero each time.

Watch as 6 spectators become 60, and 60 quickly become 600, turning the unsuspecting protagonists into idols while supporter madness breaks out around them.

YouTube Preview Image

The video is part of the Coca-Cola Zero “Just Add Zero” campaign, which shows that adding zero gives you more. In the same way that Coke Zero gives you more great Coke taste with zero sugar and zero calories.

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Jamming prime time TV shows to advertise BASE 4G

Mar 03 2014

Jammed prime time TV shows to advertise BASE 4G

During the last week of February Belgian TV shows suddenly jammed and a loading icon appeared, but there was no technical malfunction. It was a message from telecom operator BASE. A couple of seconds later it all became clear when the following appeared on screen: “You’re not used to waiting at home. So why wait when you’re on the move? With BASE 4G, you can surf everywhere as fast as at home.”

To accomplish this effect, TV billboards were used in a creative way at the beginning and ending of prime time shows.

The commercials are part of the ‘Surf as fast as if you where at home’ campaign from BASE. Because 4G speeds are comparable to those of your WiFi network at home.

YouTube Preview Image


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The poster that turned into wrapping paper

Dec 23 2013

With Christmas only a few days away, Coca-Cola and Duval Guillaume Modem have created a special outdoor billboard together with Clear Channel.

YouTube Preview Image

As the brand that stands for “Open Happiness”, Coca-Cola believes there’s no better time to open happiness than with Christmas. But to open happiness… you need to wrap it first. That’s why we created a billboard made entirely of wrapping paper, allowing people passing by to tear off a piece of paper to wrap their presents.  The iconic line “open happiness” is printed on this specially crafted wrapping paper, because nothing says it more like a present waiting to be opened.

The billboards were installed in the shopping malls of Belgium’s largest cities right before Christmas.


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Duval Guillaume leaves Lisbon with 3 gold, 6 silver, 1 Bronze and 18 shortlist for 6 different clients.

Dec 13 2013

At this year’s edition of the Eurobest festival Duval Guillaume once again proved to be one of Europe’s leading creative agencies. Here’s all the winning work, enjoy: Carlsberg ‘Poker’, TNT ‘Drama hits The Netherlands’, TNT ‘Marriage, TNT ‘Bear’, TNT ‘Funeral’, Re-born to be alive ‘Second Life Apps’, Napoleon Games ‘Run the village’, Smirnoff ‘Mindtunes’ and Febelfin ‘See how easily freaks can take over your life’.

Carlsberg  puts friends to the test

YouTube Preview Image

TNT - A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day

YouTube Preview Image

TNT continues to add drama with print campaign

As a follow-up to the well-known red button videos, adding drama to daily life, TNT has launched a new campaign with the same premise.

TNT Add Drama Bear

Download hi-res

Reborn Apps: turning unused apps into a life-saving medium

YouTube Preview Image

Napoleon Games sports betting website launches with interactive movie you can bet on

YouTube Preview Image

Smirnoff Mindtunes

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Febelfin – See how easily freaks can take over your life

YouTube Preview Image
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Vallformosa cava wants Belgians to make more babies

Nov 12 2013

Everybody knows that the Belgians love their beers. But did you know that nowhere in the world people drink more cava than in Belgium? Well, that insight inspired us to make this brand new commercial.

More info about the award winning Vallformosa cava:

YouTube Preview Image
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14-year-old Belgian school kids shocked as pregnant girl joins their class

Oct 10 2013

Teen pregnancy isn’t a very common problem in Belgium, but in countries like Cambodia or Ecuador it’s much more common due to poverty, discrimination and a lack of sex education. Because they’ve fallen pregnant, these girls have to quit school. And without a decent education their chances of a good job and promising future are very slim.

By bringing the topic into a Belgian school, Plan Belgium makes people more aware that every girl should have the right to quality education. To show the UN that girls’ education is a priority, Plan International aims to get four million raised hands. For every raised hand a young girl will be able to go to school. You can support the campaign too, by raising your hand for girls on or

YouTube Preview Image
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See how easily freaks can take over your life.

Jul 16 2013

Here’s a vivid demonstration by Febelfin (the association of Belgian Banks) of what might happen if you’re not vigilant and share personal or financial information online. Be scared, be very scared ;-). And check, where consumers can learn how to protect their online identities.
YouTube Preview Image

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Duval Guillaume wins 10 Cannes Lions for 5 different clients

Jun 28 2013

“It’s much more difficult to repeat success than to achieve success” so they say.

Nevertheless repeat success is exactly what we did at this year’s Cannes Lions festival. After 14 Cannes Lions last year, Duval Guillaume Modem took home 3 Gold Lions, 2 Silver Lions, 5 Bronze Lions and 32 shortlists for 7 different clients, at this year’s edition.

Here’s all the winning work: ‘Poker‘ (Carlsberg), ‘We know drama’ (TNT), ‘Reborn Apps‘ (Reborn), ‘Amazing Mindreader’ (Febelfin), ‘The power of newspapers‘ (, ‘Drama hits the Netherlands‘ (TNT), ‘Dreams‘ (Celestial tea) and ‘You have 70 seconds‘ (Coke Zero).

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their trust, braveness and intelligence.

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Duval Guillaume Modem elected Creative Agency of the year, second year in a row.

Jun 10 2013

At this year’s CCB Awards Duval Guillaume Modem won a total of 19 awards including 2 Grand Prix, 2 Gold awards, 5 Silver Awards and 10 Bronze Awards for 9 different clients: TNT, Coke Zero, Center Parcs, Febelfin, Scrabble, BASE, Utopolis, Stop The Traffik and Childcry. Being the most awarded agency of the night, Duval Guillaume Modem also took home the precious Agency of the year award. And this for the second year in a row. We’d like to congratulate all the winners and wish to thank all our clients for their trust in the agency.
awards at CCB show, Agency of the year

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