The Antwerp City Police wins silver OOH Award

Duval Guillaume won a silver OOH Kings of Creativity Award during the Merit Awards Night for “The Open Window Billboards” campaign for the city of Antwerp. A total of 40 campaigns were submitted for the first edition of the OOH Kings of Creativity Awards, that reward campaigns created in the course of 2015. The Open Window Billboards campaign was created to make the Antwerp people aware of the increasing amount of break-ins in autumn. 30% of the break-ins happen when a house is not properly locked. To highlight this problem, a network of unclosed billboards were placed all over Antwerp. Posters also gave civilians easy tips to prevent theft in their homes, reminding the Antwerp people to lock their windows when leaving the house.

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Duval Guillaume zoekt enthousiaste receptionist(e)/Floor Manager

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Je bent een sociaal dier: je beantwoordt - uiteraard- de telefoon, ontvangt vlotjes onze klanten en leveranciers en verdeelt de post.
Daarnaast zorg je voor de organisatie van meetings, en regel je alle business travel en overnachtingen.
Kortom, je bent de persoon die voor 50 medewerkers het leven aangenaam maakt.
Even overschakelen naar het Frans of Engels doe je zonder probleem.
Je bent punctueel, administratief sterk en hebt de nodige MS Office skills.
En wie zijn wij?
Duval Guillaume is een creatief reclamebureau met nationale en internationale klanten en een heleboel plezante mensen, gevestigd in Berchem.
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Reborn-to-be-alive and Duval Guillaume launch 'What are you waiting for?'

Reborn-to-be-alive launches its new campaign in the queue for the Brussels Apple store opening

The organ donation waiting list is way too long. The organ donor list is too short. Every year people die because they cannot find an organ donor in time. Reborn to be Alive aims to engage Belgians to register as organ donors and by doing so, potentially save lives. 

Raising awareness for issues like as this one isn’t always an easy task. We considered the opening of the Apple store in Brussels the perfect opportunity to make people aware of the fact that, for some, waiting could be a matter of life or death. 

Three people who are currently waiting for an organ donation (or who already received one) made some of the people standing in the queue a very special offer. They would take their place in the queue, because they themselves are used to waiting for something. The only thing the customers had to do in return: Register themselves as organ donors.

The message was pretty straightforward: Eight lives could be saved by just a single organ donor. Each registration counts. 

Duval Guillaume and City of Antwerp launch 'Born in Antwerp'

To launch the year of creativity in Antwerp, we created the “Born In Antwerp” concept. 

As creatives, we know that producing an idea is a daily challenge. It is much more than just ‘manufacturing’ something. It’s about bringing that something to life. But at Duval Guillaume, we also know that Antwerp is the right place to make it happen.

Indeed, the city of Antwerp has proven itself as an inspiring and creative city – both in the past and in the present. Indeed, today, 1 out of 6 companies are linked with the creative industry. 

With a year long program - packed with events, workshops and creative happenings - the city intends to place itself on the international creative map. 

The kick-off was given with a film produced in collaboration with Dirk Domen and Antwerp based production house Geronimo.

Duval Guillaume and Initiative help to determine the future of the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp has appointed Duval Guillaume and the media agency Initiative as their communications partners for the next three years. They will be developing new campaigns around the slogan “Bepaal mee de Toekomst” (Help Determine the Future), a line that was introduced by the former agency LDV. The University of Antwerp is the youngest university in Belgium and therefore less popular than the more established universities of Ghent and Louvain, which have existed for centuries. The big challenge for Duval Guillaume is to put the advantages of studying in Antwerp in the spotlight via fresh and original campaigns, encouraging students to choose the University of Antwerp over any other university. The fact that Duval Guillaume is situated in Antwerp and that the City of Antwerp is also one of their top clients, is of course a big advantage: they know what Antwerp is all about. The first campaign is scheduled to launch by the end of the year. 

Duval Guillaume puts David Hasselhoff in the spotlights for BBC Worldwide

Duval Guillaume won a pitch for BBC Worldwide, the main commercial arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The team starts off with a first project for BBC Brit in Norway: the launch of the very popular sitcom Hoff The Record, a semi-improvised comedy that follows TV legend David Hasselhoff playing a highly fictionalized version of himself: it’s been thirty years since he rose to worldwide fame in Baywatch and Knight Rider, and things have gone a little dull. Hopefully, moving to the UK will bring the sparkle back. Shootings are taking place in London beginning of October. 

Are you the Junior Finance Controller we are looking for?

You are meticulous, loyal and have a sense for business and communication. You are also born with the ability to synthesize solutions. You are a team player, enthusiastic, pragmatic and accurate. But flexible in particular.

This job requires someone who is computer savvy, an MS Excel expert who is SAP ready as well. You have a bachelor in economics with a focus on accountancy and/or tax, or you will be graduating in these fields in the very near future. You will be controlling cost and profit, analyzing monthlies, yearlies, planning and conducting all the way.

Your native tongue is Dutch, French or English, but you manage your job in any language. Does all of the above apply to you? Are you sure?

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Duval Guillaume brings home 2 Effie Awards

At the 2015 Belgian Effie Awards, Duval Guillaume won a Silver Award for the awareness campaign against internet fraude it developed for Febelfin, the association of Belgian banks. The Jury also gave the campaign the award for the most insightful campaign of the year. 

This is the 19th Effie award for Duval Guillaume (18 Belgian Effies, 1 EuroEffie), again proof that creativity and effectiveness go hand in hand. As a reminder, the Febelfin campaign already got Gold at the Cannes festivals, Eurobest and the CCB. This 19th Effie award reconfirms Duval Guillaume’s undisputed record of Belgium’s most Effie-awarded agency since it started participating in 2001.

Number 3 agency at this year's CCB awards

At this year's CCB Awards, Duval Guillaume brought home 5 silver and 4 bronze awards for Stad Antwerpen, Ray-Ban, TNT, Re-born To Be Alive and Castello. With shortlists for BASE, Seth & Riley's Garage and Carlsberg Duval Guillaume came in third in this year's 'agency of the year' competition.


We'd like to congratulate all the winners and wish to thank all our clients for their trust in the agency.