Sports betting website launches with  interactive movie you can bet on

The brief is a Belgian betting site known for online casino games. In April 2013 they started with online sports betting. To launch the this sports betting site they asked us to create online awareness for sports betting and to generate traffic to the sports betting website.


We created an online commercial you can bet on. This interactive movie starts as a classic movie showing a crazy race between 7 bizarre sportsmen. But after a few seconds the movie freezes and asks the viewer to place a bet on 1 of the 7 athletes. If the viewer bets right, he can win up to € 500 free credit to bet on sports on  Just like in real sports the end was unpredictable.


This idea gives a clear sense of the brand’s values (entertaining, fun) and its purpose (gambling) but a the same time it doesn’t just give people the chance to get involved by choosing a winner but to start spending money with their winnings.


More than 180.000 placed a bet on the interactive movie. More than 34% of them registered to get the free credit. The average time spend on the site = 4 min 46 sec

“In order to generate interest for their online gambling website, Napoleon Games created an Ad you can bet on. This very engaging and dynamic piece of content called “Run the Village” is half advertisement, half game and it’s pretty entertaining. ”



  • CCB 2014, Silver in Cyber
  • CCB 2014, Silver in Sound Design

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