As most people know, stem cell transplants offer a potential solution to life-threatening illnesses such as leukemia. Scientific progress on stem cell transplants is advancing. While stem cells only used to be collected from bone marrow, they have also been harvested from blood, or even from umbilical cord blood for a number of years now.

The general public still have a lot of questions about stem cell donations and transplants. We often see emergency appeals in the media from people who are urgently looking for stem cell donors to save themselves or a family member. Unfortunately, this course of action does not produce the desired result.


The campaign aims to eliminate question marks and uncertainty among both patients and their friends and family.

31 million chances represents the number of people registered on our international stem cell bank. This is an invaluable database that ensures that the chance of finding a match is very high if the patient no longer has any healthy stem cells themselves and none of their immediate family are a match.

The “31 million chances” campaign is an awareness-raising campaign that is educational and reassuring. it includes a TV commercial, advertisements, an informative website and leaflets to doctors and patients.