The numbers are staggering. Every minute 27 girls are forced into marriage. That’s 1 every 2 seconds. Child marriage is a global problem. The practice violates girls’ human rights, curtails their education, harms their health and sharply constrains their future. The start of a solution is simple: more education. Getting girls to school means delaying marriage. And by becoming a Plan parent that’s exactly what you’re helping to achieve.


First of all, get the global problem of Child marriage to the living room. Secondly, activate people to become a Plan parent.


Plan Belgium helped girls to hijack and take over movie ‘age warnings’ in prime time on National Television, in movie theatres and – via Preroll – in YouTube Movie trailers. In these touching ‘hijackings’, 3 separate girls tell an emotional story and paint a picture about this horrible tradition.


Aim was to bring the problem to the living room and by doing so create a lot of rumor and conversation. And it did. Massively. Child marriages were discussed on all national media and on numerous blogs. National and international. But most important of all: there was a 85% increase of people who became Plan parents, compared to the campaign results of last year.