After consultation, Knorr (Unilever) chose Duval Guillaume to design a brand campaign.

The goal: to translate the new global mission of the brand locally for the Belgian consumer.

Thomas Blomme, Brand Manager Cooking Products at Unilever: “We are reaching a critical point in our planet’s ability to feed a growing population in a healthy and sustainable way. As one of the largest food brands in the world, Knorr has the ability to be a driving force behind a more resilient food system, and inspire consumers to diversify their cooking and eating repertoires. Duval Guillaume seduced us with an activation proposal that creatively translates our new brand philosophy for consumers. ”

As for the PR component, Tribe Agency, a public relations agency based in Brussels and specialized exclusively in the field of food & beverage, was called in for additional support.

The campaign is expected in April 2019.