Cocio Mint: It’s Mint Blowing!

Cocio (since 1951) is Denmark’s most iconic and perhaps Denmark’s most beloved brand. According to many, it’s the best chocolate milk in the world too.
And Duval Guillaume is honored to be their new communication agency.

The first campaign is an important one already.
Every year Cocio launches a one-off edition. There’s been Cocio Coconut, Cocio Dark, … and this year Mint is the chosen one.

Mint??? In chocolate milk??? Isn’t that strange? Yes, but you have to taste it before you judge. A subtle touch of freshness explodes your taste buds. Your mind says chocolate, but your mouth says mint! “Ding Dong!”
That’s when we thought: this new Cocio is not just crazy — IT’S MINT BLOWING.

The campaign features mint blowing films, a whole bunch of them. As many questions arise with this combo of chocolate milk and mint, our online films give all the answers. Next to that there are many assets, such as mint blowing outdoors, mint blowing POS, mint blowing SoMe, and a mint blowing bottle design… Yes. A full mint blowing campaign.

So, if you ever want to taste this minty Cocio, go to Denmark before the end of the year and tell us that it was totally worth the trip.